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Eugene, Oregon

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the adventures of Benjamin Spooner, a travel blogger from Eugene, Oregon. Although many travel plans have been put on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Benjamin Spooner hopes to use this website as inspiration for other travel bloggers and as a reference for those hoping to travel once the pandemic has ended. During the course of his career, Benjamin Spooner has traveled to more than 20+ countries on six different continents and met numerous people from all over the world. To this day, the question Benjamin Spooner is most frequently asked is “where is the best country to travel to.” While this question has no easy answer, Benjamin Spooner will hope to share some of his past experiences and discuss what unique experiences each country can offer visitors.


From an early age, Benjamin Spooner showed an interest in travel. His mother would often find him and his friends huddled around a television watching National Geographic or acting out an Amazon expedition down at the local creek. A resident of Eugene, Oregon, Benjamin Spooner grew up loving the great outdoors and hoped to one day know different country’s national parks as well as he knew his own backyard. When Benjamin turned twelve, his father bought him a small digital camera to document his adventures. Benjamin Spooner credits this camera as starting his love of photography and, subsequently, his career as a travel blogger. While Benjamin’s collection of cameras has grown since his twelfth birthday, he still uses that first digital camera to this day. 

Eugene, Oregon

Known for its art community, activism, and picturesque outdoors, Eugene, Oregon has always inspired Benjamin Spooner’s photography and love of travel. While it may seem ironic that a travel blogger so often speaks of their hometown, Benjamin Spooner believes it was from exploring much of Eugene’s never-ending forests and rivers that he first developed a keen interest in the great outdoors and adventure. Settled by French fur traders in 1846, today, Eugene is home to more than 150,000 Oregonians and has consistently been listed as one of the best places to live in Oregon as well as one of the best small cities in the United States. Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is a classic college town with numerous biking paths, music venues, art galleries, and restaurants. Known for its rich culture, today, Eugene lays claim to more artists, writers, and musicians than Portland. Each year, Eugene attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. While attending college in Eugene, Benjamin Spooner was able to meet a variety of international students and travelers from a variety of international countries. These relationships helped build Benjamin Spooner’s knowledge of travel tips as well as prepared him for his future career in travel blogging. Since first becoming a travel blogger, Benjamin Spooner makes sure to visit Eugene, Oregon, at least once a year to visit friends and family and to participate in Eugene’s many festivals and artistic events. 

While Benjamin has written previous blogs on Eugene, Oregon, and its most popular tourist activities, below, Benjamin will list some of his personal favorite activities to do while visiting Eugene. 

Euphoria Chocolate Company – Artisanal chocolate company located in Eugene, Oregon’s Oakway Center. The chocolate company is best known for its selection of hand-dipped truffles and chocolate buttons and mints. 

The Very Little Theater – One of America’s oldest, continuously operating community theaters. The Very Little Theater is one of the most popular theaters in Eugene, Oregon, and was founded in 1929. 

Willamette Valley Wineries – The Willamette Valley is home to more than 500 wineries and is most known for its Pinot noir vineyards. 

Oregon Festival of American Music – An internationally acclaimed music festival, the Oregon Festival of American Music is a festival that takes place each year in July that celebrates American Music in all its forms. 

McKenzie River Flyfishing — A beloved spot for all Eugene locals, the McKenzie River is home to redside rainbow trout and a favorite fishing location for fly fishing. 

Upcoming Blogs 

In upcoming blog entries, Benjamin Spooner will attempt to answer a variety of common questions and discuss topics related to best travel practices, travel safety, traveling on a budget, starting a blog, writing tips, photography basics, and photography compilation. In addition, within this blog Benjamin Spooner will highlight some of his favorite travel locations, including Scotland, Argentina, Hawaii, Kenya, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Eugene, Oregon and the different sites visitors must see at each location. Finally, as a continuation of his original blog, Benjamin Spooner hopes to use this site to report new travel experiences post-COVID-19 and document how the world has changed for travelers. 

If you are interested in learning more about Benjamin Spooner of Eugene, Oregon, travel topics, or blogging tips, return to this site for frequent updates and additional blog entries.